Le'Veon Bell Made a Major Financial Blunder The Past Year

Listen to Clay Travis comment on the Jets signing Le’Veon Bell to a four-year, $52 million deal after he made the unprecedented decision to sit out the entire season last year in pursuit of a more lucrative deal as an unrestricted free agent on the open market.

Bell turned down Pittsburgh’s five-year, $70 million deal the Steelers offered him last season that would have netted him $33 million guaranteed, and then turned down a $14.5 million franchise tag as well.

Check out the audio below as Clay believes Bell made a monumentally poor decision completely overvaluing himself, not only turning down the $33 million in guaranteed money LAST SEASON, but failing to make the Todd Gurley money like he had hoped for as well.

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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