O.J. Simpson's Lawyer Told Book Publisher He Was Guilty


TMZ obtained an exclusive outtake clip from Fox's special O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? that is set to air on Sunday night. In the clip, Judith Regan, the woman who published the book and conducted the original interview, said that Simpon's lawyer called her and admitted his client murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Regan was recalling to Soledad O’Brien the moment that Simpon's lawyer called to set up the interview. He had one condition, the entire interview, and the title of the book, had to be hypothetical because he needed cover in dealing with his children. 

Fox is airing a lost interview from 2006, which was filmed right before the release of If I Did It, which details the hypothetical way in which O.J. would have committed the murders. Many people took the book to be a confession from Simpson. The interview was canceled after it was revealed that Regan had paid Simpson for the sit-down. 

The special will be hosted by O'Brien and feature interviews with Regan, attorney Christopher Darden, retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente, and others. 

Photo: Getty Images


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