The Cleveland Plain Dealer Sports Columnist, says there should be concern over Lebron's arrival.

Terry Pluto: "Honestly, who knows? I also think this - Lebron, that contract that you saw - that's not gonna be the only one looking like that, you're going to see more. Because Lebron was one of the first one's to sign a real short extension back when he was in Cleveland the first time and then all of a sudden Wade and Bosh followed... He has set the tone before. All these guys, now they realize in 2016 when the new T.V. contract kicks in that there's going to be a ton of money there... And I think that's one of my reservations before going all in on some deal for Kevin Love is - if this guy's only going to want to stick around a year or two, he's far more likely to bolt town in a couple years than Lebron James."


Photo: Getty Images