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Jon Paul Morosi talks MLB

by Jon Paul Morosi on Fox Sports Daybreak

Andy and Mike talked with FOX Sports 1 MLB Insider, Jon Paul Morosi this morning. Jon talked about the latest mess with the Cubs involving their Wrigley Field renovation dispute, and says their new Ownership has failed across the board up to this point.

Jon Paul Morosi: "It's really unfortunate... I did think when (Cubs Owner, Tom) Ricketts came in that it was gonna really change the overall tenor of the situation there with the Cubs and that they were gonna become a winning franchise and do the things that it took - win the World Series, who knows but just win consistently, and that hasn't happened... Everything across the board has been underwhelming. The ballpark I feel like, is obviously on the inside, not as nice as it used to be... There's a lot of work that needs to be done off the field, on the field. And the word I would use is 'disappointed'. I've been disappointed with the way that the Ownership group has carried on it's business for a period of time now."

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