The FOX Sports 1 MLB Insider tells Daybreak why the Astros are in the middle of a serious issue.

Jon Paul Morosi: "It's serious enough that the F.B.I. has been notified. This is a serious situation... It's something where in the game there are people - Executives, Journalists, Fans... That are reading this and for some of us, it's a peek behind the curtain. This is rare stuff that we're reading and sort of getting a glimpse at, that is on a certain level, entertaining... But obviously for the players in that database, where all of a sudden they're being talked about in different offers and that sort of thing, it's potentially harmful to them. And really I think the other part is, it's embarrassing to the team... At a time when they're really trying to rebuild their fan base. A very awkward moment for the Astros."


Photo: Getty Images