The Golf Senior Writer says the elements will have an impact on this Tournament before it's all said and done.

Jason Sobel: "The course looked like it was Florida out there minus the palm trees, because it was so benign, sunny, and warm... I've got good news for you though and I've got good news for everybody who's sitting at home and laying on the couch. And you've got a big bag of Cheetos with you and orange cheese dust all over your fingers, and all you want to do is watch these guys with their hats blowing away in the wind and the flag sticks bent - it's coming... It's coming later today. It's gonna start raining a little bit, we're going to see some wind - gusts of up to 35 miles an hour. And then tomorrow and I don't know if this is an actual word but this what it says in the official statement on the weather, it says "Thundery Conditions". I didn't know "Thundery" was a word but it's going to be "Thundery" tomorrow."


Photo: Getty Images