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FOX Sports Daybreak: John C. McGinley

FOX Sports Daybreak: John C. McGinley

Andy and Mike caught up with Actor, John C. McGinley this morning. Along with numerous roles in Movies and Television, he was also the main spokesman for Miller Lite as the Commissioner of their "More Taste League" commercials. John talked about one of the perks to being the face of Miller Lite...

John C. McGinley - "I was in Hawaii and somebody Instagramed a picture of me having a Longboard Lager. So it gets back to the lawyer that John McGinley is consuming something other than Miller Lite - which didn't exist in the contract. There was no stipulation. And so they said, 'okay well let's introduce language that he can only consume in public, our product.' And I said, 'I have no problem with that. But I'll tell you what, why don't we make sure I'm doing that by providing me an adequate supply?' And so every month I was to get 5 cases. And so what I did was I never took receivership of them... And as the months went by, I guess 2 years or so and the contract expired - I'd accumulated hundreds of cases of beer on paper... We were doing "Scrubs" at the time, I said deliver them to the hospital. And it was right around Christmas Time, and I said just put them in the parking lot. And I went to the Producer and since no alcohol can be consumed on the set - right at Christmas, I told the Teamsters and the Grips, and everybody - 'You guys take as many cases as you want, you can't drink it here at the set but for Christmas, take as many cases as you want...' I was the single most popular guy in the history of the planet!"

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