The NFL Hall of Famer and former Cowboys Running Back opens up with Daybreak about Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and a lack of respect for Cowboys Alumni.

Emmitt Smith on Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett: "I don't think anybody can explain anything that Mr. Jones is doing, so I'm not going to even attempt to try to explain it... But it is a different kind of relationship and it's a relationship that I honestly believe is on a shoe string. Because success is something that the Dallas Cowboys are definitely striving for and definitely need to have this year... And I see that shoe string being a little baby shoe string, which means it's on a short little leash."

Emmitt Smith on his and other former Cowboys' relationship with the organization: "If we were to get a phone call and say 'we want you to come by the facility', I think any former player would drop what they have going on, unless it was something that was so serious that they could not get there, would be up at the facility in a hot minute, to help or assist in any which way possible... I'm not saying that they've totally broken ties with us, because we do get calls occasionally. But when it comes down to actually being involved in the organization, to help the players, the younger players and so forth - that hasn't taken place yet... Yet, the players may see Daryl (Johnston) come in and do interviews, and Troy (Aikman) may come in and do interviews, Michael (Irvin) may come in, and Deion (Sanders) may come in and do interviews. But, when it comes down to bringing players in outside of the media world... That part hasn't taken place."