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(Yahoo!) - Don't let the hair, or the tattoos (or the nose ring, or the beard) fool you. YouTube singer Anthony Vincent Valbiro has got every vocal style from pop to metal to lounge on lock. His latest opus is singing Katy Perry's most recent single, "Dark Horse," in the style of — count 'em — 20 different iconic singers. Just watching the video has us gasping for breath.

Along with Perry's singing style, Valbiro channels Nirvana, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson, the Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti, Boyz II Men, Jamiroquai... and John Mayer, of course.

Valbiro has more, mostly rock-song covers posted on YouTube, where he mixes his own lead and backing vocals together for a seamless experience. When not posting on YouTube, the Port Chester, New York, resident is also the lead singer and guitarist of alt/rock/metal band Set the Charge with his brother Frank on drums.

Could "10 Second Songs" be the new "Evolution of Dance"? We certainly hope so. And watching his face as he tackles styles he is clearly not fond of (Boyz II Men, for instance) is just icing on the covers cake. Keep 'em coming!