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FOX Sports Daybreak: Mike Florio

FOX Sports Daybreak: Mike Florio

Andy and Mike caught up with Pro Football NFL Insider, Mike Florio this morning. Mike talked about the potential blackouts due to poor ticket sales at 3 playoff games this weekend...

Mike Florio  - "It definitely looks bad for the league. I think it's understandable for different reasons... In Green Bay, the way I understand it, they sent out the invoices for playoff tickets back in November when the team stunk and the season ticket holders said 'I'm not giving you my money to hold for 6 months and then apply to my season tickets for next year, when I know I'm not gonna be going to a playoff game because you guys stink'... Indianapolis and Cincinnati are a little bit of a different vibe... Cincinnati's had trouble all year. I think with the Colts, I think this is kind of a, an indictment by the fans on the chances on this team actually making noise in the postseason. Like you know, 'I'm not gonna pay $100 a head to go see a game when I know this team isn't going to win a Super Bowl this year.' "

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