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FOX Sports Daybreak: Archie Griffin

FOX Sports Daybreak: Archie Griffin

Andy and Mike caught up with former Ohio State Running Back and 2-Time Heisman Trophy Winner, Archie Griffin this morning. Archie talked about tomorrow's Heisman ceremony and also his feelings on former Buckeye Coach, Jim Tressel - who was forced to resign in 2011 following violations...

Mike North  - "I cannot believe, that Jim Tressel is not coaching... I know there's gate-keepers in NCAA Football, and I know there were issues... But when I look at some of the shenanigans that go on around the country, and some of the coaches that continue to coach - who have infractioned year, after year, after year... Does it bother you? Is anybody fighting for this guy?"

Archie Griffin  - "It does bother me... When you look at what he got really, really punished for... And what our whole school got punished for vs. some of the things that are going on. Yeah, it bothers me. The inconsistency is what bothers me more than anything with the NCAA."

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